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Human Design

Understand your own energy

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that sheds light on your energetic makeup. It highlights the uniqueness and individuality of each person while also stressing the importance that when we all live into our unique designs, we thrive together collectively. Human Design offers strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.


Human Design is like a user instruction manual. It’s a map of your individual energy. It gives you a visual, practical way of understanding who you are, how you are supposed to make decisions, where you might be prone to conditioning, and what are the steps forward. It offers insight into what’s possible and highlights the significance of living as the fullest expression of yourself. 

Using Human Design as a tool, my work is all about guiding you back home to your body, helping you to see past your old believes, conditioning and programming, so that you can feel comfortable in the full expression of your unique energy. 

Find your own Human Design chart here


I  originally started yoga as a form of exercise when I was working in a fast paced job in London, but quickly discovered the amazing benefits yoga has to offer to the mind and soul. Yoga and other personal development tools had such an impact on me that I decided to leave the corporate world behind. I completed my yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Throughout the years I have developed an interest in correcting the imbalances on the physical, psychological and emotional body created by past trauma and stressful lifestyle. My mission in classes is to create a safe space for healing, transformation and embodiment. The most important thing for me is to help you find you own flow so you can experience higher love, greater growth and deeper healing.

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