My name is Anni. I am a Finn with a global heart. I’ve spend the last 7 years living and working around the world, but I’ve recently relocated back to my homeland Finland. I love coffee, dogs, deep chats and potatoes in all forms. I am hugely passionate about living authentically and understanding human behavior – why we are the way we are.

My interest towards personal development and healing stems from my own journey that started in 2015. I was faced with a lot of issues in my physical and mental health that I later realised originated from trauma and conditioning from the past. Throughout I’ve developed an interest in correcting the physical, psychological and emotional imbalances in the body.

I am here to remind you of the truth of who you really are beyond conditioning and limiting believes. I help you to find your own authentic essence though Human Design, a new system of self discovery that highlights the uniqueness and individuality of each person. 

My mission is to create you a safe space for transformation and embodiment, so you can experience higher love, greater growth and deeper healing.

All my love,




Human Design is a logical system that brings together the principles of many ancient tools like Astrology, Kabbalah, The I Ching the Hindu Chakra system. It highlights the uniqueness and individuality of each person and gives practical tools and strategies of how to make decisions in life as yourself. It shows us our potential, but also shines light to the version of us who we think we are or who we think we should be.  Human Design gives us a way to navigate through conditioning and unconscious believes and live life with more ease and fulfillment

I have had the pleasure of having a Human Design reading from Anni and I couldn’t be more grateful for the life changing information I have received!! She is so knowledgeable and so passionate and really was able to help me understand myself and what my unique blueprint is and I have had so many a ha moments during and after our session. I was told Human Design is like astrology on steroids, but the information has helped me realise how I make decisions, what my purpose in the life is as well as how to efficiently use my time and energy so I can live my most fulfilled life. Thank you Anni!

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